Aerial filming, photography and surveying

We use state of the art remotely piloted drones to capture stunning aerial imagery for broadcast, film and business.

Stable and safe, our drones are an affordable and versatile alternative to traditional aerial work, jibs, cranes and cherry pickers and provide a stunning level of production value at a fraction of the cost.

Carrying payloads of up to 6kg we're able to film on systems from Canon, Sony and RED plus other data-gathering equipment for scientific and engineering uses.

Fully certified and insured we're a professional team guaranteeing a cost-effective, safe and quality solution to your aerial requirements. Find out more about us >>

Low Cost

Full HD & RAW

CAA Licensed

Live Video Feeds

Versatile up to 400ft

Ultra smooth footage

Aerial Filming

Our octocopters and brushless gimbals are able to provide extremely stable and smooth footage with unrivalled versatility.

Shooting from ground to 400ft, our deployment is quick and safe, both reducing time and increasing production values simultaneously.

And with live streams to ground we can ensure that all shots are on-brief whilst airborne.

Aerial Photography

Shooting in RAW from our Canon 5D MK III system provides extremely high quality photos up to heights of 400ft.

All shots are colour-graded in house to provide a greater level of detail and quality and with live streams to ground and manual shutter control we can ensure that all shots are captured whilst airborne without the need for re-shoots.

Aerial Surveying

Aerial drones are an exciting advancement in surveying, engineering and technology.

With traditional surveys involving scaffolding, large teams or cumbersome equipment being costly, aerial drones offer an incredibly versatile and cost effective alternative.

As well as visual data gathering from cameras, our octocopters can carry a multitude of loads of up to 6kg for other scientific uses.