Our aerial drone crew

Our experienced crew are EuroUSC™ trained - Europe's leading independent specialist for RPASs - and backed by over a decade working in media, broadcast and video production.

To this end we're not just pilots but also skilled and experienced camera operators and video producers.

All our crew are employed full-time in-house to ensure a smoother production process and an in-depth knowledge of our drones and procedures.

Based in the heart of Bristol we cover the whole of the UK plus international requirements on an ad-hoc basis. Contact us today >>

Fully trained

CAA Licensed

Experienced in media production

Based in Bristol

UK-wide coverage

Chief Pilot

Russell is our EuroUSC™ trained pilot. He will work closely with the client and project from start to finish ensuring flights run as smoothly and safely as possible.

With over seven years' experience working in commercial video production he understands how best to enhance every project.

Payload Operator

Adam is in charge of the drone's payload. Normally this is a camera for aerial video or aerial photography and he'll work closely with the client on the ground ensuring the brief is met during flight.

With a live feed to the drone's camera he also has manual control over a complete 360° horizontal and 75° vertical viewpoint.

Project Management

Zoe is our Project Manager and looks after all our client relationships.

She is also a trained crew member and where required assists with flights, particularly in urban and congested areas, ensuring the safety of public, crew and client.

Logger & Editor

Rob is our dedicated footage logger and editor of both video, stills and other data acquired.

Where additional crew is required he also assists with safety and public cordoning.